How To Clean an HVLP Spray Gun

How To Clean an HVLP Spray Gun?

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My brother is a big fan of spray painting! He says it satisfies him greatly how marvelous an object looks after applying spray paints. These paints are the new alternative to painting which accounts for greater accuracy, less time consumption, and low price.

The painting process becomes more efficient when the spray is done using an HVLP spray gun. These spray guns might work perfectly, but with less care, they will deteriorate early.

Do you know how to clean an HVLP spray gun? Hence, to get an accurate spraying texture from your HVLP spray gun, it requires cleaning on a daily basis. This article will show all the substances you can use during the cleaning and a step-by-step guideline for the cleaning procedure. Stay tuned!

Necessity Of HVLP Spray Guns

One of the main reasons for using HVLP spray guns is that it accounts for less paint pollution. Less pollution is due to the greater transfer efficiency from the canister to the spray pin.

How To Clean an HVLP Spray Gun

Most importantly, these spray guns are easy to apply and use. With its 1.8-millimeter nozzle diameter, the spraying surface area is neat and precise that gives good handling during the spray. It is also versatile in any spray-painting surface.

Also, the pressure compressor at the tip of the nozzle makes it a low-velocity spray gun, making the controlling process even more accessible. Keep in mind that HVLP spray guns are not suitable for the thick coating of spray paint.

Furthermore, the spray surface also depends upon the nozzle type and fluid. In other words, HVLP spray guns are suitable for small projects like painting a bookshelf or redoing the kitchen cabinet.

We suggest using conventional spray paint guns for large projects such as painting the hard deck. On top of that, HVLP guns require good practice before starting to paint on a natural surface. Therefore, do your own research before purchasing a suitable model of HVLP spray gun.

Substance To Clean HVLP Spray Guns

Let’s say that you have chosen a suitable HVLP spray gun to perform the spray painting around your house. Another disadvantage of HVLP spray guns is that they require immediate cleaning after the painting; otherwise, the paint stains will make the spraying uneven.

Therefore, it will be wise to know what substances are available that can help clean an HVLP spray gun very smoothly. Down goes some names that are proven to be most efficient:

  • Acetone.
  • Lacquer Thinner.
  • Spray Gun Kits.


A ketone-based compound always works best when cleaning paints from any metal surface. Acetone works as a solvent that helps to dissolve the paint inside the nozzle of the HVLP spray gun.

Furthermore, you can also use Acetone to clean other equipment related to the spray gun. This chemical is harmless, cheap, and available at every local store nearby your house.

Before cleaning the spray gun, experts suggest dipping all the equipment and the gun in a significant volume of Acetone. After that, remove the pieces and rinse with a towel to clean the outer layer.

Lacquer Thinner

Lacquer thinner is another solvent that can be used instead of Acetone. Pour all the parts of an HVLP spray gun into a bucket and pour Lacquer thinner. After leaving the mixture for many minutes, wash them with a brush, and you will notice the stains coming off the spray gun surface.

One thing to be careful about while using Lacquer thinner is that it is highly flammable. Do not expose this chemical near a fire source! Therefore, one must be careful and wear protective hand gloves and goggles before using Lacquer thinner.

Spray Gun Kits

Apart from the two chemicals mentioned above, a dedicated kit is available in the market designed to clean HVLP spray guns, known as an HVLP cleaning kit.

This particular kit comes with 15 different sizes of brush that can be used to clean or rinse any part of the HVLP spray gun. Additionally, you will need a suitable solvent, and our research says that Acetone works best and is also not explosive in the cleaning stuff.

Now that we are finished discussing all the substances available during the cleaning process of an HVLP gun let’s discuss the most important factor, how to clean an HVLP spray gun.

Steps For Cleaning HVLP Spray Guns

The step-by-step guideline for cleaning an HVLP gun is given below:

  • First, you need to remove the air regulator, which is done by disconnecting the compressed air source and then removing the regulator.
  • After that, remove the spray gun cup and clean it. This process requires a special solvent to dissolve the paint stain. Acetone or Lacquer thinner will be our first choice.
  • Then pour all the parts, nozzle, and cup inside a bucket, fill it with a solvent and leave it for 10 – 15 minutes. Make sure to perform this step in a well-ventilated room so that solvent does not harm you.
  • Afterward, use a suitable brush from your cleaning kit to carefully wash the parts individually.
  • Repeat the above process until all the paint stains are pulled out.
  • Then, using a damp cloth, wash the cup, nozzle, and spray gun and left them to dry for a couple of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a paint thinner be used for the cleaning purpose of an HVLP spray gun?

A paint thinner can be used with a suitable solvent, such as Acetone or Lacquer thinner, to clean the HVLP spray gun, but the process will not be efficient enough.

Is it necessary to clean the spray gun right after finishing the painting task?

Yes! If you do not clean your spray gun immediately, the leftover paints in the canister will form a stain which, in turn, will lead to rusting.

How long can we keep an HVLP spray gun unclean?

After one painting job, an HVLP spray gun can be left uncleaned for 1 or 2 days. Make sure it does not cross the waiting limit.

Is alcohol sufficient to clean spray guns?

Yes! Rubbing alcohol also works as a suitable solvent for cleaning spray guns. But the cleaning process might take longer than expected.

Is there any better solvent than Acetone?

Though Acetone works fine as a solvent for removing paint stains, mineral spirits also provide a great alternative to Acetone.


So, as it turns out, HVLP spray guns are the new deal in spray painting. Though the process takes a minimum of experience to get used to, it is versatile, easy to use, and cheap for small projects.

Cleaning HVLP spray guns is mandatory, and if you neglect such a task, you might have to replace the whole spray gun model. We have also found out that there are two primary solvents for cleaning an HVLP gun- Acetone and Lacquer thinner.

The cleaning process is easy, and the raw materials are available at the local store nearby. Therefore, next time someone asks you how to clean an HVLP spray gun, do not mention our article.

It will be an excellent knowledge to witness for spray paint enthusiasts!

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