Best Spray Paint for Hinges & Knobs

Best Spray Paint for Hinges & Knobs

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Painting is a fantastic way of making things beautiful and safe from rust. Spray paint is one of the types of painting and addition to decoration. You can decorate and change your objective’s outlook easily and quickly.

However, it can be anything that you need to paint. I always use spray paint to paint my door or cabinet hinges. I must say, spray painting is fun and easygoing.

Are you wondering which spray paints you should use for hinges? If so, this article about the best spray paint for hinges is for you. Please read the article carefully till the end.

6 Best Spray Paint for Hinges

Hinges are an essential part of a door or kitchen cabinet. Because it helps the door open and close, you must be careful when choosing spray paints for hinges. This section will give you the best spray paint you can apply on your hinges. So, keep reading.

Best Spray Paint for Hinges & Knobs

Krylon K02719007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint

The Krylon K02719007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint, as you can probably infer from the name, is made as a spray paint for multi-purpose that you may use on products made out of any material. So, it is clear that you can use it on your hinges.

However, applying a coat of paint to a metal surface will give it a fresh look and protect it from rust because of its excellent adhesion, durability, and anti-rust properties. Additionally, since this solution already contains a primer, you can save time by using it instead of wasting time adding primer before painting.

Krylon K02719007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint

Not only that, but this paint is designed to adhere to the smoothest surfaces, such as glass, plastic, laminate, etc., and does not require any preliminary sanding. Besides, it takes less than 20 minutes to dry and an hour to dry entirely. But the recoat window takes either 2 hours or 48 hours to dry, depending on what you are trying to attain.

Another interesting fact is that a single can of this spray paint covers up to 25 square feet with complete coverage, even though it weighs only 12 ounces. Moreover, it can give your hinges a glossy purple color.

Additionally, you may give any project a contemporary, sleek touch with this purple gloss spray paint. And you can complete numerous crafts with purple spray paint.


  • It can give your hinges excellent adhesion and durability.
  • It offers your hinges highly effective corrosion protection and fading resistance.
  • It provides your hinges a gloss finish purple color.
  • This spray paint can cover up to 25 square feet.
  • It weighs only 12 ounces.


  • It is risky for children.

Rust-Oleum 7710830 Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray Paint

It is another best spray paint for hinges. You can achieve a beautiful appearance on several accent pieces, like hinges, using Rust-Oleum 7710830 Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray Paint manufactured by Rust-Oleum.

You will be happy to hear that you can apply Rust-Oleum 7710830 Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray Paint for a bright, metallic finish to any interior surface made of wood, metal (hinge), masonry, and concrete. And you can use this spray paint to make unique planters, pottery, lamps, and other items.

Rust-Oleum 7710830 Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray Paint

However, to lessen tiredness brought on by constant spraying, it has been made with a bigger fingertip and weighs only 11 ounces, which can give you comfort and ease.

Besides, there is the option for any-angle spray, which enables you to spray paint at any angle and position, including upside-down.

Moreover, your painting painted with this spray paint will give you coverage of 6 square feet. And it will keep your creations looking nice over time because it has exceptional color retention and chip resistance.

Moreover, after spray painting, you will finish your job quickly by drying within 60 minutes. Another praiseworthy factor is that when you use it indoors, like on your door or kitchen cabinet hinges, that tough and appealing finish will not quickly fade or degrade.


  • It can give your hinges a beautiful outlook.
  • It will offer your product a metallic finish.
  • Because of its larger fingertip, you can spray paint comfortably.
  • It has exceptional color retention and rust-resistant power.
  • The color of this spray paint does not readily degrade.


  • It does not cover a wide area.

Rust-Oleum 245198 Universal Enamel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 245198 Universal Enamel Spray Paint is the third best spray paint. Rust-Oleum Universal Enamel Spray Paint offers excellent and high-quality coverage with a shineless and flat finish for indoor and outdoor jobs.

You will be satisfied with spending your money on this spray paint. The reason behind it is this paint is a durable, all-surface paint with long-lasting protection.

Rust-Oleum 245198 Universal Enamel Spray Paint

Besides, using universal spray paint, you can paint many surfaces, including metal, vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, concrete, wicker, and wood. However, Rust-Oleum 245198 Universal Enamel Spray Paint can save you time.

It dries quickly, just in 30 minutes. So, you need not wait for a longer period. Also, this universal spray paint with an oil base will prevent your hinges from rusting and fading.

Another admirable feature is that you can spray with a comfortable cap to help paint difficult-to-reach locations and lessen finger fatigue.

And this all-surface spray paint does not require priming before use and provides exceptional coverage of up to 15 square feet and durability whether painting wood, metal, or plastic.


  • Rust-Oleum 245198 Universal Enamel Spray Paint is budget-friendly.
  • It provides your hinges with a flat black rich matte finish.
  • It offers excellent and high-quality coverage of up to 15 square feet.
  • It gives your object durability and protection from corrosion.
  • You can apply it on various surfaces like metal, wood, fiberglass, concrete, and plastic.


  • It can create risks for children.

Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint

It is another best spray paint manufactured by Krylon. It will be a great choice of yours because by using this spray paint, you will be able to give DIY and craft projects a sleek, metallic appearance.

Moreover, with incredible adhesion, it will provide many surfaces, including metal, wood, paper, plastic, glass, ceramic, plaster, and wicker. And you can find the best metallic copper effect in this 8-ounce Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint.

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In addition, your hinges will get a deep, glossy polish that will give your hinges a metallic plating appearance and a high gloss surface that is very smooth. This acid-free spray paint dries in just 10 minutes, and it is an excellent feature for use on accessories and household goods.

Additionally, the metallic accent enhances the design of any space and adds the perfect contemporary finishing touch to metal like hinges, furniture, and other things. Spray paint in the classy shade of Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint makes any object look magnificent.

Eventually, I would like to say that since 1947, customers have trusted Krylon spray paint. And to restore, freshen, and recolor any metal object, Krylon has a large variety of spray paint.


  • You need to wait 10 minutes to get a dry finish.
  • Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint can give your hinges a smooth surface.
  • You can use this spray paint on surfaces like wood, paper, metal, plastic, glass, etc.
  • Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint gives you an acid-free formula.
  • You can get a deep, glossy finish that looks like plating.


  • It is pricey.

Krylon K05539007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

It is the best spray paint for hinges or metals due to its adaptable formula. You can use it for various projects, including DIY furniture projects and giving existing items a fresh and new look.

Moreover, you can use this quick-drying spray paint for a range of indoor and outdoor applications to add a new color or touch-ups, and it offers adhesion, durability, and rust protection.

However, since this product is made to work on almost any surface, including metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, and fabric, you will not have to worry about having trouble using other paints or primers.

Krylon K05539007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint And Primer

Moreover, it is regarded as one of the best metal spray paints because of its quick-drying formula, which enables you to finish your job more quickly. It dries fully in about 20 minutes to 60 minutes. But you must repaint your hinge or any metal object after 4 or 48 hours.

Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint has a large button spray tip, and you can spray from any direction and angle. And you can get a coverage of 25 square feet by using this 12 ounces of spray paint and primer.

This Krylon K05539007 COLORmaxx can also give your object a glossy finish of smoke gray color. It is a fantastic option if you search for something flexible that produces outstanding results!


  • It already has primer mixed within its formula.
  • Krylon COLORmaxx can protect your hinges from rust.
  • It dries swiftly.
  • The process of using this spray paint is very simple.
  • You can use it on various surfaces.


  • It has a nozzle problem.

Rust-Oleum 7274830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

It is the last one of the best spray paint. You will be happy to learn about it if you are an admirer of metalworking or, at the very least, of everything that looks like metal.

However, the most popular colors you can get from this spray paint are shades of bronze, gold, silver, and copper. Additionally, it is offered in 14 different colors, all of which have a metallic undertone or finish.

Rust-Oleum 7274830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

Moreover, it adheres well to various materials, including wood, concrete, stone, and more, and it works on surfaces other than just metal. And the purpose of this paint is not only to give objects metallic color but also to protect any metal surfaces it is applied to.

For instance, the paint contains many corrosion-resistant ingredients that shield it from rust, even when your object is in outdoor settings.

Furthermore, this paint is an excellent option for revitalizing old metal outdoor garden furniture because it protects the surface from fading and abrasion as soon as it dries completely.

It takes only 20 minutes to dry completely. Additionally, because it dries so quickly and you can use one bottle of this spray paint to cover 15 square feet, your painting projects will be completed quickly and for a low cost.


  • This spray paint can stop metal objects from rusting.
  • You can use it on different surfaces like metal, masonry, wood, etc.
  • You can apply it to both interior and exterior works.
  • It provides you with good colors.
  • It dries super quickly and takes only 20 minutes.


  • There are several hues that give darker colors than what is stated on the label.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Spray Paint for Hinges & Knobs

Those who are lovers of beauty always want to make things look beautiful, whether a small thing like hinges or something else. And choosing the right spray paint is vital for those people. In this section, I will provide you with some buying guidelines before purchasing spray paint.

  • Time to Dry

Thinking about how long your selected paint will take to dry is crucial. When you try to use your project, the paint will come off quickly if you do not give it enough time to dry thoroughly.

Additionally, you will lose interest in doing your project before it is done if the spray paint takes too much time to dry. Therefore, be sure to select a spray paint that dries quickly.

  • Durability

It is crucial to think about how long your spray paint will last. Hinges are prone to rust because you used to open and close the door continuously. Therefore, before making any selections, read what previous customers said about your selected paint.

  • Painting: Indoor vs. Outdoor

Next, you must consider whether your object will be placed indoors or outdoors, as long-term effects of environmental factors can damage the paint’s quality. Even indoor spray paints do not have the same durability and water resistance as outdoor paints.

The spray can’s nozzle controls the spray’s pattern and how easy it is to use the paint. Your finger may quickly become fatigued when using smaller and narrower nozzles of spray bottles.

You cannot spray a wide area with a small and narrow nozzle. To do so, you must choose a bigger nozzle spray paint can. Because a bigger nozzle offers you to apply paint to a greater surface area, and you can operate for a long time without experiencing finger tiredness or discomfort.

Whenever you are preparing to paint a metallic surface, like a hinge, you will have to apply a coat of primer beforehand to ensure that the paint will adhere to the material better. However, applying a coat of primer and waiting for it to dry before applying the paint can be time-consuming. For this reason, some spray paint producers have started making spray paints with primers already mixed into the base formula.

  • Coverage

The recommended covering area for each paint can is listed on the label and is often given in square feet. It is a crucial element to consider when purchasing one because it will help you make sure you get sufficient paint for your project.

Remember that these figures are approximations obtained in tests and may vary somewhat while you paint. Always buy more than you think you will need, and be cautious.

  • Price

Another crucial aspect is price. However, I believe you should use spray paint if the cost is a little high because it can give your product a better appearance, coverage, and durability. However, spray paint is available at all price ranges.

  • Spray Paint Type

Spray paint type should be another consideration for your object. For instance, avoiding oil-based enamel paint on a piece that has already rusted or been disclosed to moisture for a long time is preferable since doing so would worsen the rust or corrosion issues. Choose a latex-based paint, which adheres better to rusted surfaces and prevents further harm.

  • Surface Cleaning

Before spray painting, you must clear the object’s dust, debris, and oxidation. Ensure that you read the label to determine what surface preparation is necessary and whether a different primer is required. Your item’s durability will suffer if you do not prepare it correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hinges Be Spray Painted?

Yes, you can spray paint your old hinges. Applying a coat of spray paint is more accessible and less expensive than updating old hinges.

Do Hinges Work When Sprayed With Paint?

They work as long as you choose a type with a fast drying time. The spray paint from Rustoleum for hinges spray paint.

You can test the spray paint on an unused hinge if you are not sure whether it will work. The fixture’s paint must cover the metal well and adhere to it.

Does Door Hinge Spray Painting Last?

Spray-painted door hinges do not last as long as painted walls or acrylic paint, though they may not peel as quickly.

However, I believe the work would be worthwhile if you paint the hinges because they should last for two years.

What Sort Of Paint Are Door Hinges Painted With?

You can purchase brush-on paint for metals, such as Modern Masters Nickel Water-Based Satin Metallic Interior/Exterior Paint if you do not want to create a mess or worry about the quality of the air.

Are Internal Door Hinges Paintable?

Door hinges are paintable, but not with regular paint. Incorrect paint selection or attempting to paint the hinges without first cleaning the metal’s surface could cause long-term harm to the hinges.

  • How To Spray Paint The Door Hinges?

The steps of spray painting the door hinges are given below:

  1. Utilizing a screwdriver, remove the hinges.
  2. Wash the hinges.
  3. Defend the environment around you.
  4. Use a primer.
  5. Wait until the primer dries.
  6. Spray oil-based paint on the hinges.
  7. Wait until the paint dries.

Without Taking The Door Off, How Do You Paint The Door Hinges?

The first method involves taking off one hinge, painting it, reattaching it, and continuing until all the hinges have been painted.
And the second strategy is to precisely paint the hinges where they are.

Do Door Hinges Need To Be A Certain Color?

Your door color and its handle is the main determining factor. For the sake of consistency, hinges need to match the color of the knobs.

Furthermore, the undertones of the door must match the colors of the attachments.

Bottom Line

Now you know the best spray paint for hinges, or you can say, for metals. I hope you will take help from this article I reviewed only for you.

You can take help from this article while choosing the best spray paint. And you can follow the buying guidelines, which can make you profitable.

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