Rub N Buff Vs Spray Paint (1)Rub N Buff Vs Spray Paint (1)
Rub N Buff Vs Spray Paint (1)

Learn The Truth About Rub N Buff Vs Spray Paint In The Next 60 Seconds

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The options of paints for arts and crafts are vast. Nowadays, artists can easily choose coloring ingredients depending on their projects.

But it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect paint from the seas of varieties. Everyone should have a good understanding of the quality of the products while selecting.

I am here to explain the difference between two popular paints. Rub n buff and spray paints are the main leads of discussion here.

I will explain key points to identify the characteristic between rub n buff and spray paint products so that you can choose one with confidence.

Rub n buff vs spray paint
Rub n buff vs spray paint

Want to explore the selections of rub n buff and spray paint? We will see a Rub n buff vs spray paint competition. So, let us buckle up and dive in!

8 best rub n buff vs spray paint

When trying to create your arts and crafts, you want the best materials for a beautiful finish.

And to achieve that goal, you have to invest time and money into better quality products.

Different pains and coloring products have qualities and characteristics that might clash with the result you are trying to achieve. Hence, choosing the right paint for the suitable medium is essential.

To help you pick the suitable substance for the satisfying outcome, I list rub n buffs and spray paint examples with descriptions.

Let us see the qualities of rub n buff vs spray paint.

JewelrySupply Rub n Buff

610uGXpjb6L. AC SL1000

The rub n buff four-color assortments are high-quality paint in different shades suitable for your targeted crafting outcome. If you want to give your home decor products an antique finish, this will be your best friend.

The other paints available in the market give an artificial look to the products. But the rub n buff color looks natural on every surface.

You can choose many different shades, choosing the paint based on your other home decorations.

If you have a hobby of designing mugs and cups, you can use these paints because they will give you a waxy finish to match the natural finish.

You can paint your thrift wardrobe or table with the ebony shade to oomph up the look.

rub N Buff Vs Spray Paint

The rub n buff paints are formulated to give a smooth texture with a long-lasting finish.

This paint initially comes in paint tubes that you can rub or buff on the painting surface. You can use a cloth to polish the color of the material.

If you want to use it for designing purposes and not necessarily on a big surface, you can do so easily by painting the targeted spot. This rub n buff is a permanent coloring, so it will not rub off easily.

We can say that this is a good competitor against the spray paints in the rub n buff vs spray paint argument with all these good points.


  • Long-lasting quality.
  • Permanent paint.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Can be set on top of any surface.
  • Perfect for DIY projects.


  • The tubes are tiny in quantity for covering large surfaces.

AMACO Rub ‘n Buff

AMACO Rub 'n Buff
AMACO Rub ‘n Buff

Have you ever bought a mirror or furniture piece with the perfect design but unflattering color?

If you are an antique lover and love all things glamourous, this paint will be your best friend for updating your craft.

This paint has a perfectly smooth, effortless finish with beautiful gold glistening effect.

You can apply the products easily by using a dense foam and buffing technique. Just pick up some of the paint from the foam and dab it on the surface.

Slowly build up the color to your need. The foam will not absorb too much of the paint, so you will not be wasting any.


A smooth flannel or cloth and rubbing techniques effortlessly give you a smooth finish. You just need to take a good quality sturdy cloth and smear the paint smoothly to cover the surfaces in circular rubbing motions.

Make sure that the cloth does not have a rough surface as it can cause a streaking effect of the paint.

If the surface you are painting needs minor detailing and specific designs, it is safe to use hands or small detailing brushes. You will not get any irritation if you accidentally get any paint on your skin.

There are about sixteen different shades to choose from, with varieties of finishes.

From painting your flower pot green to coloring your mirror frame silver, you can choose the colors based on your taste.

The selected pigments are assorted with carnauba waxes and fine metallic powders to give an authentic metal shine and beautiful consistency.

All you have to do is make sure the surface you are trying to decorate is clean and dry. You are good to go!


  • Clean finish.
  • Little goes a long way.
  • Easy to use.
  • It does not wipe off easily.
  • Permanent finishing.


  • It dries down very quickly, so you cannot take your time to work slowly.

JewelrySupply Rub n Buff, Metallic Silver Leaf

41earzilluL. AC

Do you want to DIY your favorite jewelry to make them look fancy? Worry not because rub n buff metallic silver leaf is here to save the day.

You can beautify your earrings by giving them a glistening touch of silver with this paint without any hazard.

Silver can bring out the beauty of anything. You can buy a boring mirror or worn-down antique and paint them with this metallic silver leaf paint to give them a new look.

This paint can bring life back to different crafting projects. No matter how dull the before is, this paint will make the after finish fabulous.

If you want a shimmering finish for your product, you will be delighted with this rub n buff.

Soft cloths are the best option for application on larger surfaces. The consistency of the paint is a smooth, creamy texture that is easily spreadable. You can save time and hassle to get the best result for your projects.

You can do stenciling art projects with this paint with no smearing problem.

make practically anything steampunk using rub n buff metallic finish

Stenciling is a type of art where you can make shapes and imagery arts by using pigments over pre-shaped/pre-cut holes in a cardboard or thick paper. You need good quality colors or dyes that will not bleed and destroy the initial design to do stenciling.

With this rub n buff metallic silver paint, you can produce fault-free portraits and decorations.


  • Buildable texture.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to apply and spread.
  • Metallic glossy finish.
  • The color does not seep through.


  • Weak to dampness as the paint is water-based.

AMACO Rub ‘n Buff, Autumn gold

If you admire fall and like to explore different DIY options for painting and crafting, AMACO Rub n Buff paint will make all of your fall-inspired dreams come true.

This rub n buff product is a long-wearing, beautiful metallic finish paint. This paint quantity and tube are small, but a little goes a long way.

If you like candle designing, you can paint your boring, bland candles to make them fall approved and gorgeous. This paint can hold up pretty firmly onto waxy surfaces, perfect for decorating candles.

When you renovate your wooden furniture and cabinets, you can pick this product as your first choice.

 This paint has high gripping technology that is perfect for wooden materials. Make sure to sand down the surface and clean it before beginning the painting process.

Rub n Buff Colors 5a

When you cannot find your perfect shade of table lamps or light stands in the market, you can easily DIY them. Just go and buy a lamp yourself and re-paint them yourself to make them perfect.

Antique showpieces and statues are stunning. The finish’s shine is natural to looks exactly like an original antique piece of art. And you can turn any concrete details into beautiful sculptures with a touch of autumn gold.

Buy any mirror with a wooden or metallic, or plastic frame and re-paint them with AMACO rub n buff. Your primary mirror will look like you bought it straight out of a posh antique shop.

A little goes a long way for this pain tube. So, a tiny little amount will last you a long time.


  • It gives a gorgeous shine.
  • Easily applicable.
  • Almost everyone can use it.
  • Sticks well.
  • A small amount can cover a large surface.


  • It can cause peeling for some metals

Seymour Spray Paint, Pristine Green

Seymour 20-602 Grass and Shrub Renew Spray Paint, Pristine Green (17 oz.)
Seymour 20-602 Grass and Shrub Renew Spray Paint, Pristine Green (17 oz.)

The greenery of nature is soothing. But maintaining a perfectly uniform green yard, evergreen trees, or bushes is not easy.

Many problems can cause patchiness to your plant or grass yards. And cutting them off will destroy the shape and look of your ideal greenery style.

You can use a spray that can cover the brown spots to even out your yard or dead parts of the trees without cutting them down.

Seymour grass and shrub renew paint is spray paint in the shade of pristine green. Cover the spot with this spray if you want to fix anything green.

This spray has the perfect product discarding technique, so you will not have uneven color dispersion. You can even finish in no time.

It dries fast; therefore, you will not have sticky leaves and dust sticking to your plants. With very thin in consistency, so you can build up the product.

71LAhRD+4cL. AC SL1500

The can and spray techniques make the painting process easy and clean. You do not need to touch the paint with your hand; dispersing on the target spot will be enough.

The non-toxic ingredients do not cause any harm to the plant parts or leaves.

 This paint will not wash away with rain; you can have greenery for a long time without re-touch. Also, these spray paints are the best for the maintenance of quality.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use spraying technique.
  • Lightweight.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Natural finish.


  • It can be too matt for some grass and plant appearances.

Rust-Oleum Brands  Desert Bisque, Multi-Color Textured Spray

12 oz Rust-Oleum Brands 223524 Desert Bisque Stops Rust Multi-Color Textured Spray Paint Pack of 6
12 oz Rust-Oleum Brands 223524 Desert Bisque Stops Rust Multi-Color Textured Spray Paint Pack of 6

The rust oleum multi-color spray paints are the real deal of spray paints for an eye-catching textured finish. These paints come in six different finishing shades that you can explore and choose the perfect color for your project.

The multi-color textured spray is an oil-based paint that gives smooth looks yet textured finishes. You can use this paint on metal and wood surfaces to provide a unique look.

It is a quick-drying product that claims to dry down as quickly as fifteen minutes completely. This is long-lasting paint and can cover surfaces up to six feet.

The paints have corrosion resisting potentials that will prevent any rusting from happening. The weather will not affect a surface interior and exterior, making this paint perfect for outdoor products.

The product does not chip off and stays intact for a long time without re-touching. There is no concern for the paint cracking or coming off once painted.

The finishing of the paint will have a textured look to it, which is not like any other paints found on the market. The painted crafts will have a beautiful and unique look.  

If you want to re-touch your outdoor accessories or fence, you can pick this paint up for the paint job. The texture and comprehensive coverage will accentuate the look and protect the surface simultaneously.


  • Great consistency.
  • Protective qualities.
  • Stunning finish.
  • Easy to spray.
  • It covers a large area.


  • Nozzle Can be challenging to handle for some people.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 302599 Chalked Ultra Spray Paint, 12 Ounce (Pack of 1), Matte Clear
Rust-Oleum 302599 Chalked Ultra Spray Paint, 12 Ounce (Pack of 1), Matte Clear

Furniture with matt finish is on-trend right now. What if you do not want to spend extra bucks on new stuff but want to enhance and refresh the look of the indoor furniture you already have?

You can rely on rust-oleum calked spray paint for this transformation.

The paints have a wide range of colors you can pick and choose from based on your projects.

Chalked ultra spray paint is a matt spray paint with an oil-type coating style perfect for furniture and wooden surfaces.

You can also apply this paint to different ceramic, metal, glass, and canvas materials.

If you want to bring a matt vintage look to your crafting projects, a few spritzes of this paint will do wonders.

This paint takes about twenty minutes to dry, and only one coating is enough for a preferred matt to look so you can work on your project efficiently in a short time.

It can act like a protective coat that will smoothly cover the surface it is sprayed.

Durability is another crucial factor in this paint, providing excellent results. This is heavy-duty paint that will last you a long time once sprayed.

Image Credit: Amazon

The paint mist is sheer enough that you can build it up based on your needs without any trouble. The paint is perfect for bringing soft looks to your art and craft.

You do not need to worry about layering, as the paint can sit on top of other previous paint coatings. Just spray it in combination with different colors for catchy and unique looks.


  • Velvety finished texture.
  • Great coverage.
  • Different colors to choose from.
  • Great nozzles.
  • It gives a warm and soft look.


  • Preferable Only for indoor projects.

Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray Paint

71r+wY7 wcL. AC SL1413

The rust oleum professional high-performance spray paints are incredible for equipment and surface made of iron and non-ferrous materials.

You can use these spray paints on metal and wood or concrete to simultaneously provide rust protection and shine.

You can choose a color based on your choice as these paints provide both glossy and flat finishing options.

You can use this aerosol paint for your industrial or manual equipment and furniture made of metal.

This paint is air drying and gives the surface a sturdy glossy finish.

It is excellent for product surfaces of outdoor objects as it can take high temperatures and heat.

This paint will not cause any chipping or cracking problems as it provides a long-wearing finish.

The spray can and nozzles are high quality. Therefore, you can spray it from any angle without affecting the spray quality.

Image Credit: YouTube

It is a thicker consistency paint with tremendous spray pressure that can easily cover any surface without missing a spot.

If you want to freshen up your outdoor furniture made of iron, you need to grab this one up.

 The paint will give your furniture a satisfying look, but it will also protect you from the effects of rain or hot weather. The drying times are fast, so you do not need to waste time setting your projects.

No matter what your project is, this professional paint will help you achieve your preferred goal in no time!


  • Rust resistant.
  • Attractive finish.
  • It sits nicely on metal.
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent quality can and nozzle.


  • On the pricier side.

The ultimate Buying guide for rub n buff vs spray paints

Consistency of the rub n buff

When buying rub n buff paint, you need to see the consistency before judging by the tube. Most rub n buff has a creamy texture.

When consistency is buildable, you will get an excellent finish.

Size of the rub n buff tube

The tube of rub n buff comes in different sizes. But a tiny pea-size amount of this paint can cover a big surface. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the tube size.

Buy a tube depending on your project and how much you need to paint.

It is better to use up a whole tube. Buy just how much you need.

Color samples of rub n buff

You can play with color choices when it comes to rubbing n buffing. But always see a visual representation how what the color looks like in

Assess the actual color. The products are metallic. Do not just see the color of the tube and buy instantly.

Ingredients of rub n buff

Some ingredients and metallic powder used for rub n buff formulation can result differently. So first, look at the type of base and metallic substance used in the products.

Application surface for rub n buff

The surface you will apply the paint on will affect the finish.

Some rub n buff does not hold up well to metal, and you need to put multiple layers. Hence, look at the definitive use list provided with the paint.

Spray paint can

While choosing your spray paint, first give a good look at the can. If the can has a defect or broken area, do not buy that can.

Aerosol spray cans need to be airtight to protect the paint inside. If you buy a broken can, you will not have good products.

The nozzle of the spray paint bottle

Spray paints are supposed to be sprayed on the surface. Always check the nozzle quality before buying. If a can comes with a broken nozzle, you cannot have a good painting job done.

It frequently happens when a paint can become useless because of a clogged or broken nozzle.

Mist quality of spray paint

The spray paints have different mist and spritz techniques depending on the painting style.

Some nozzles have long plastic nozzles attached so that you can paint the small corners and cracks without a problem.

Some paint can have a soft spritz technique that is easily buildable. So, the paint spraying is not intense, so you can easily control the amount.

Some paints are intensely misting so that you can cover a surface quickly in a thicker layer, with no need for reapplications.

User experience for spray paint

Some spray paints are made especially for people just learning to use spray techniques, so choose the one you can use comfortably.

If you choose the wrong can, you will destroy the works and have to remove and reapply the paints from scratch.

The price range of the spray paints

No matter what paint you buy, check available options based on quality and price. You can get a good deal for a fraction of the cost if you search for the right choice.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use rub n buff with my fingers?

Yes. You can apply rub n buff with your fingers. This product is easily removable from the skin. If you have trouble taking off the paint, just put a little bit of nail polish remover, and it will come off quickly.

Is rub n buff suitable for glass etching?

Yes. The consistency of the paint is excellent for glass etching.

Does rub n buff come off quickly?

No. once the rub n buff dries down, it does not come off effortlessly. But if you put extreme force or scratch, it will peel.

How long does rub n buff take to settle fully?

Your rub n buff will be thoroughly settled and cured in about thirty to fifty minutes.

Can I paint with rub n buff on door knobs and handles?

Yes. You can paint your door knobs and handles with rub n buff without hassle. It will be long-lasting, so you will not get any peeling or discoloration even when rain splashes on your door knobs.

Are spray paints better for extensive surface coverage?

Yes. Spray paints are one of the best options if you are looking to paint a larger area. It is easy to handle, and you will need less time than any generic paints.

Are enamel spray paints waterproof?

Almost every enamel spray paint is waterproof by itself. You do not need any topcoats to seal the paint.

Can I spray paint wood cabinets?

Yes. Spray paints are great for the wooden surface. It will be good to polish the surface before painting for a smooth finish.

Do I need a brush for spray paints?

You do not need any brush or painting tools for spray paints. You can directly spray the color from the can over the surface.

Does spray paint give a metallic finish?

You can easily buy spray paints that give metallic shine. If you use metallic spray paint, you will get a satisfactory metallic outcome.

Final words

Both rub n buff and spray paints have a wide range of purposes. Rub n buffs are great for decoration and vanity, while spray paints are great for protection while coloring.

The rub n buff vs spray paint” is not a significant altercation given their functionality. If you want just one task to give your project a rich vintage look, there is nothing better than rub n buff.

But if you want a quick painting job that will include color protection and rust-free finish and different finishes like matt, flat or glossy textures, you need to get yourself some spray paints.

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