How Long Does Plasti Dip Last
How Long Does Plasti Dip Last

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last? Car, Glass Jar Or PVC

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I have a small flower garden in my backyard. Recently I renovated my garden table to match the lilac bush. I looked for the best coloring option so that the finished results were perfect and long-lasting.

That is when I came across plasti dip. Out of all the available coating options in the market, this one seemed the most reliable.

Plasti dips are unique coatings, almost a similar texture to rubber, and it lasted me for quite some time. And I was amazed to see the results of how long it can perform. And it left me speechless with the result.

So, I have done some digging to find out all the good stuff about the long-lasting performance of plasti dips.

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Have you ever had the question “how long does plasti dip last” pop in your head? Say no more because I am here to answer your questions!

Plasti dip

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last
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Plasti dip is a multi-usage coating product. You can coat a broad spectrum of things with it. Interestingly, even though it comes out as a liquid, once it dries down, it becomes almost like a smooth rubber substance.

It is a beneficial coating technique if you want a good grip on something as it can resist moisture and slipping problems.

Plasti dip methods

There are many different plastic dip methods people like to use.

Plasti dips are PVC-type films that can be applied by dipping, spraying, and brushing techniques. However, the painting routine can give different lasting times based on some factors.

The most liked technique for longevity is spray gun and canned plasti dips.

Drying time

It would be best to give the plasti dips enough time to dry down before you touch or put any design on them.

Being impatient will cause you more problems than solutions.

Keep a reasonable amount of time in your hand to properly finish the project. 

If you want a smooth surface with longer life, be patient, or else your final work will have smudges and cracks; It will perish soon.  

Depending on the thickness, it usually takes two to six hours to cure fully.

Painting surface

The surface of the thing you are painting will have a significant role in the lasting span of plasti dip.

plasti dips Painting Surface
Image Credit: Lowe’s

Different materials have unique textures so that the finishing can vary. It is possible to plasti dip wood, metal, plastic, and plywood.

If the material pained is prepped and of good quality, the lasting time of plasti dip will be mostly similar.

The magic of plasti dips is that they will last on plastics or plywood, with very few exceptions.


Weather is an essential factor to consider. Temperatures and humidity can affect the quality of plasti dip. Hence, the question “how long does plasti dip last” will be different based on different weather and climate.

You do not want the weather to be too hot or too cold. Try your best for a beautiful sunny day.

If it is raining outside, do not set your workplace outside. Go for a covered indoor area where you will not have water splashing. If the plasti dip is sprayed on a wet or drenched surface, it will be sloppy. And therefore last for a shorter time.

High humidity can hamper the quality of plasti dip and start to crack.

If the sun is too harsh, do not work directly under the sun, or the dip will crack. And a cracked surface will weather down quickly.

Spraying technique

If you use the spraying technique, the process will be very similar to regular canned spray paint but with better results. Make sure to hold the can properly and check the nozzle.

plasti dips Spraying Technique
Plasti Dips Spraying Technique

While you are using a spray gun, choose one based on the type of dip.

If you do not use the proper spray gun, the quality will be low, and the dip will peel off or come off effortlessly.

Spray guns have different qualities and functions. And if you use the wrong dip with a spray gun, it will get clogged and give an underwhelming, short-lasting result.


The prepping stage is crucial before using the plasti dip, regardless of the techniques.

Firstly, clean off the surface properly so that no dirt or grimes are stuck to it. Use soaps or acetone depending on the residue you are removing.

Plasti Dips Spraying Technique
Image Credit: Speed Academy

If the material has a bumpy or uneven top, sand it down to make it smoother, especially for materials like wood.

For materials with a cracked and fractured exterior, fix and fill them beforehand.

If the base is good, the dip will last for an extended period.

Precise application

For plasti dips, you have to remember that you need to cover the whole target area. You can not leave behind bald spots. And to do that, look for all the nooks and cracks very carefully.

The procedures of plasti dipping need a steady hand and awareness. Consider that the more neat your work is, the longer it lasts.

 Even though plasti dips can be peeled off easily once dry, you should evenly spread the dips either way.

The number of coatings

If you want your plasti dips to go strong for three years, you need to build up the layers and consistency. It would be best if you use several coatings for the best results.

Usually, it is preferable to use about six layers for a perfect finish. But do not make the mistake of spraying too much at one time.

The number of coatings
Image Credit: Wikihow

Slowly spray like a thin mist to cover the surface. And between each coating, wait at least thirty minutes for it to set. The more curing time you give, the stronger the layers will be. And sturdy coatings last the longest.

Usually, the thicker layers are easy to peel off. So it is best to use plasti dips in multiple layerings.

Distance between spray gun and surface

The distance between the spray gun nozzle and the surface you are spraying also needs to be considered. The standard distance will be 12-14 Inches.

Hold the spraying equipment in an appropriate space for the proper paint spreading.

Hold the spray gun a few inches from the area you are painting.

Remember it this way; you can not take the spray gun too close and personal as it will smear and spill in some spots and stay blank in others.

However, you also can not take it too far, or it will not cover enough surface. Both of these are situations that will lead to a brittle finish with a short duration of lasting time.


You already know that adequately applied plasti dips can last up to 3 years. But here is the thing, you still might need maintenance.

While cleaning the surface, use a proper cleansing agent with the right equipment for that specific product or commodity. For example, If you use extreme force with a harsh scrubber to wash your car, the plasti dips will peel off.

plasti dip manual
Image: Plasti Dip Manual, Image Credit: Manualzz

For wooden items, use a sponge with proper detergent.

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Avoid keeping a product with plasti dips directly under harsh sunlight for a long time to avoid damage.

If any spots start to peel off, carefully re-apply the plasti dips with a spray gun, or brush, depending on the need.

You can buy protective solutions in the market that is applied over the plasti dips to preserve the quality for an extended time.

Proper mix

You can find plasti dips in various colors in the market. If you want a specific color and shine, mix the colors of your choice.

Plasti Dip Proper Mix
Image Credit: Youtube

However, do not just think about your particular color. Make sure to mix the plasti dip properly before applying. If the consistency is not smooth and even, it will give a defective result which eventually will cause your dips to peel off soon.

Plasti dips on car

With proper care, plasti dips can last for two to three years on a car.

At the same time, the quality of the car itself is associated with the lasting span.

If the car surface is not fresh or has rust or uneven texture, the plasti dip will not last long.

Plasti Dip On Car
Image Credit: Youtube

The plasti dips are also a top choice for car wheels.

The durability of plasti dips makes them an excellent way to keep the car wheels fresh and stunning.

If you can properly wash the car wheels and keep them from getting significant damage, the wheel will go on pretty well without any touch up for twelve months to two years.

Gasoline and plasti dips

Gasoline and plasti dip do not go hand in hand. For long-lasting results, avoid it at all costs. Plasti dip is a solvent-based product.

What it means is that Gasoline can dissolve and damage plasti dips.

For your precious plasti dip layers to be kept intact, be extra careful while you are re-filling your gas tank or can be in contact with Gasoline. Otherwise, Your car surface with plasti dip will start to peel off.  

Frequently asked questions :

Can I peel off plasti dip?

Yes. You can peel off plasti dips entirely once it is dry. Please put them in thick layers for easier peeling.

Why is my plasti dip not coming off?

It could be that you applied the plasti dip in a fine coat. Thin layers are tough to peel off. So it is better to layer up your plasti dips.

Can I use plasti dip on wood material?

Yes, you absolutely can. Plasti dips hold up on wood very well.

How long should I wait between each layer of plasti dip?

You should wait for about thirty minutes between each layer of plasti dips.

Does rain affect the quality of plasti dip?

Not necessarily. Once the plasti dip is fully cured, it can hold any water splash even rain.

Can I use plasti dips for crafting glass jars?

Yes, you can. Plasti dips can be applied or peeled off of glass materials very easily. So you can use this for crafting your glass jar without trouble.

Final words

Plasti dips are highly effective coating if you are looking for something to beautify and level up different items.

In simple terms, “How long does plasti dip last” does not have one single reply. The lasting times are always stringed with different factors.

Be mindful and practical for satisfying results. Educate yourself with pieces of information regarding the elements of plasti dips and how it works.

 And I hope this article gave you a clear look into the world of plasti dips.

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